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Probate Pricing
We can obtain a Grant of Probate on your behalf for a fixed fee, in most cases starting from £650.00 plus VAT and disbursements (such as Court fees).
We can deal with the whole administration for you, taking all the worry away.  Our fees for this are based on the value and complexity of the Estate and will range from between 1% - 3% of the gross value of the Estate, plus VAT and disbursements (costs we pay on your behalf, such as Court fees).  This can also be arranged on a fixed fee basis which, in most cases, starts at £2,000.00 plus VAT and disbursements.
Alternatively, we can be instructed on our hourly rate basis.  Our usual hourly charges range from £135.00 to £185.00 per hour plus VAT, depending on the experience of the person assisting you.
Disbursements Total
Court Fees Presently £156.50 (including 3 Court Embossed copies of the Grant of Probate) but please note that this fee is due to rise significantly from April 2019. Our website will be updated with full details in due course
Oath Fees £7.00 per Executor swearing the Oath (plus £2 per Codicil as necessary)
Property valuation fees (if required) £200.00 - £500.00 plus VAT approx.
Valuables valuation fees (if required) £100.00 - £300.00 plus VAT approx.
Anti-Money Laundering check fees £7.50 per person (including VAT) for instance where there are two Executors there will be two fees
Land Registry fee Varies depending on the value of the property
Bankruptcy check fees £2.00 plus VAT per beneficiary
Notices in the London Gazette and in a local newspaper to help protect against unknown creditors £200.00 plus VAT
Asset searches to check for unknown accounts Approximately £170 plus VAT
Possible accountants’ fees Depending on the amount of work required and their usual charge out rates
Conveyancing costs Depending on the value of the property.
Wills Our Charges VAT Total
1 Basic Will 125.00 25.00 150.00
2 Basic Mirror Wills 190.00 38.00 228.00
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Our Probate Team
Wills & Probate Team
Wills & Probate Team
Head of Probate

Costs we may need to pay on your behalf include:
LPA Our Charges VAT Total Savings
(i.e. either a Property and Financial Affairs form or a Health and Welfare form)
285.00 57.00 342.00  
2 LPA's
(2x forms appointing the same attorneys)
480.00 96.00 576.00 108.00
4 Mirror LPA's
(i.e. for couples completing both Property and Financial Affairs and Health and Welfare forms. For appointment of the same attorneys only)
885.00 177.00 1062.00 306.00
Will and LPA Packages Our Charges VAT Total Savings
1 Will & 1 LPA 380.00 76.00 456.00 36.00
1 Will & 2 LPA 575.00 115.00 690.00 144.00
2 Mirror Wills & 2 LPA's 620.00 124.00 744.00 168.00
2 Mirror Wills & 4 LPA's 995.00 199.99 1194.00 402.00
Janice Smith
Head of Probate

Sam Ennor
Associate of CILEX

Our experienced Probate team, who have many years of experience between them, can help you at this difficult time:
On average, straight-forward Estates are completed within 4 – 6 months.  However, this varies according to the size of the Estate, whether the Estate is taxable, the number and type of assets and liabilities and the number of beneficiaries.